To empower our clients to build a strong foundation of successful business by helping them adopt new technologies & make distinctive improvements in their performance, accelerate growth & build digital capabilities. In partnership with the client we deliver relevant expertise, exceptional value & lasting impact.


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Strategic-Success is a business strategy consulting firm who advises innovative digital CRM solutions to organizations to solve their customer-centric business challenges and succesfully lead them through digital transformation.

We also help startups to seize their greatest opportunities & sustain advantage positions through lasting & substantial improvements.




Strategic-Success is led by Prachi Patil.

Prachi is a business strategy consultant based in the Netherlands, having a valuable, multi-industry, cross-functional background and international consulting experience working with well-known firms in the US, UK, Europe, and India.

Her expertise is in identifying gaps and opportunities in B2B and B2C (e-commerce) business processes and proposing cost-effective & profit-driven customer-centric digital solutions that can improve customer experience, optimize business processes and accelerate business performance. She is a curious & quick learner and likes to apply her knowledge & skills gained through continuous learning into practical solutions.

She envisions leveraging her knowledge and experience in the strategic management and consulting industry through Strategic-Success. She is passionate about solving the client's business challenges into practical solutions through the adoption of new technologies and helping in business development through strategic planning and achieving sustained growth in today's competitive market.

Prachi holds an MBA in Marketing from Mumbai University. She is a graduate of the College of Engineering, Pune University, where she received a bachelor of engineering in Electronics & Telecommunication with distinction. She has earned the credential of Master Business Essentials with Harvard Business School’s Online CORe Program. She has also completed a certification program in Strategic Thinking from IMD, Switzerland. She has recently completed executive education from Northern Kellogg University in Artificial Intelligence: Strategies for Leading Business Transformation.