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Oversized product packaging versus Sustainability?

I recently purchased a fruit snack that served tiny pieces of dried pineapple. It is indeed a delicious product, but comparing the size of the packaging versus the quantity served in it, I was left pondering over:

Why do small things come in oversized packages?

Oversized Packaging

(The brand name is intentionally hidden since the purpose of the article is to increase awareness about oversized product packaging rather than to target any brand)

Does such large packaging make justice for packaging only 20 gm of tiny pieces of dried pineapple? Isn’t the answer very much straightforward?

Oversized packaging used to attract consumers does not help in long-term customer retention.

After considering today’s conscious customers, companies need to rethink and avoid oversized packaging. To mention a few benefits for the companies:

  • Sustainability: Opting for the right-size packaging (while still meeting functional needs) helps to minimize the amount of packaging material required, reduce the environmental impact of plastic package disposal, and support the company’s sustainability strategy.

  • Cost: Smaller packaging is less expensive, as less material is needed reducing the operating costs.

  • Customer experience: Right-size packaging goes a long way in creating a more thoughtful customer experience (and yes, these small details get noticed!).

Isn’t opting for the right-size product packaging a win-win strategy for the company that will reduce packaging cost, enhance customer experience, and reduce environmental impact?


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