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  • SMART DRONES that deliver life-saving medical supplies

    On-demand delivery of medical services is crucial during emergency situations and disaster relief scenarios. Zipline is one such company that supports this service with the help of a combination of industry-leading technology. Their mission is to “provide every human on Earth with instant access to vital medical supplies”. Since their founding year 2014, they have built the world's fastest and most reliable delivery drone. The company has focused on the delivery of blood and lifesaving medical supplies to areas that are hard to reach in Rwanda, Africa but soon will expand to other countries. Zipline uses fully autonomous drones to deliver 1.8 kilograms (3.9 pounds) of cargo up to 80 kilometers radius away from the launching location, dropping the cargo via parachute and then returning to base. The mini plane has GPS circuitry connected to the battery which keeps the GPS always ON and connected reducing the launch preparation time which is critical during emergencies. The plane has separated components for easy tracking of issues. Using a mobile app, the preflight services connected to the launching system of the plane can be checked and validated. The launch technicians through their mobile camera can scan the QR code on each part sending a signal to the plane to actuate the control service. The phone then uses a computer vision algorithm to make a pass or fail judgment for each control service before the launch. A simple pulley & motor combination is used for the launch of the plane that helps to quickly & safely get the plane up to the required speed. The plane is communicating its location in 3D space with radio receivers. This could eventually grow into the supply chain allowing drones to hop between base stations and get their batteries swapped out in minutes and be on their way. This technology is helpful in case of disaster relief scenarios where roads are flooded due to water. Zipline can help in the centralization of emergency supplies and help reduce human exposure to contagious diseases and stop the spread of disease. For more information please check their website: References:

  • Brewing Data With Coffee - Starbucks

    Starbucks investments in customer-centric innovations have helped them identify their sweet spot and achieve a competitive advantage. Starbucks willingness to adapt and invest in its digital technology has placed them at the forefront of applying data and analytics to create and capture enormous value for both customers and the company. Starbucks uses on DeepBrew (AI based tools) to keep operations efficient, free up time for partners, engage customers, and improve sales. There are three main entities where the value is created and captured: 1. Operations: Massive data is analyzed to carefully identify the new coffee store locations. With the help of AI tools company can design store planning models considering various parameters like population, income levels, traffic, competitor presence, etc. It also helps them to predict economic factors like revenue, profits, etc. The AI tools further help to optimize store labor allocations and help manage inventory within the stores. 2. Customers: Starbucks Digital Flywheel program creates tremendous value for customers and helps the firm in capturing the value. There were almost 19 million loyalty program users in early 2020. Understanding customers buying patterns and knowing in advance individual customer order preferences allows Starbucks to provide a “radically personalized” and warm experience to customers. With the help of AI, Starbucks customers are presented thoughtful, personalized choices based on their preferences, weather, and times of the day on the Starbucks app or the drive-thru menu. This helps customers to make quick choices and eases the customer buying experience. 3. Partners: Maintaining good customer throughput is critical for a store’s success. If a machine breaks down, it can significantly disrupt a store’s operations. The conventional approach of data and machine parameters collection, repairs required, etc. is very time-consuming. Starbucks AI tools help in predictive maintenance and forecasting failures of expresso machines. The new range of expresso machines is equipped with sensors. Every shot of espresso is logged and analyzed centrally to assess potential areas for tuning and maintenance. This Internet of Things (IoT) technology is combined with Deep Brew to give a prediction of which machines need maintenance when. Starbucks Deep Brew is a fine example of leveraging AI and Analytics to improve efficiency and provide personalized services to create great customer experiences. #artificalintelligence #digitalstrategy Sources:

  • How John Deere is leveraging AI, IoT and data analytics?

    John Deere is a global leader in agricultural machinery manufacturing and for many of us, this name recalls bright green and yellow tractors. Over the past two decades, Deere has made significant investments in building its internal capabilities around data science and analytics. The company’s acquisition of Blue River Technology in 2017 is now empowering its entrance into AI and computer vision to see and measure data on individual crops with the goal of autonomous decision-making. This has helped them transform from a pure equipment manufacturer into a data-driven technological manufacturing company. Their vision is to improve customer productivity and help to deliver more value to farmers, helping them to collect data and harness it for improved farm management. The John Deere Operations Center delivers value to farmers with tools and features that enable them to easily access farm information to better manage their daily operations. Through dashboards farmers can see what is happening real time, analyze performance, and collaborate with partners to gain insights, increase profits, and direct their plans with more precision in the field. All types of data e.g. fuel level, location, machine hours, is collected primarily from sensors embedded both in the machines and in the field (soil), and also pulled from external sources e.g., weather prediction data, commodity pricing. Data is then automatically uploaded onto the cloud via the cellular network, Wi-fi, or Bluetooth. Farmers can access and manage the data through the portal. Through an app, farmers can monitor activity in real-time, analyze performance, determine how best to utilize equipment, and collaborate with partners for insights that help the farmer decide what to plant, where and when with the optimized condition. The value created for farmers is improved productivity, increased efficiency, improved operations, decreased downtime, and reduced costs to ultimately maximize profitability. (Dashboards on tractors displaying information. Source: Blue River Technology has developed a solution using advanced machine learning algorithms to enable robots to make decisions, based on visual data about whether or not a plant is a pest, and then deliver an accurate, measured blast of chemical pesticides to tackle the unwanted pests. The aggregate machine data is also used for predictive maintenance by Deere to find patterns that indicate a machine or sensor problems and notify failures in advance. Remote diagnostics save time and money from technician visits and reduced downtime. Deere also used the data internally to improve product quality, enhancements, as well as to advise the next generation of new product and service development. Check out the video how the future of farming looks like: References: 1. 2. 3.

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    Hi, I’m Prachi Patil. I Help Businesses to Accelerate Performance and Build Sustainable Business Strategies. I assist clients in strategic decision-making for profit-driven business growth by conducting thorough research & fit-gap analysis of existing processes & systems, recommending cost-efficient solutions streamlining the processes & improve efficiency. ​ Are you facing challenges in following areas? Then I can assist you. Business Analysis The practice of enabling change in an organization and recommending solutions to deliver value to the stakeholders. Discover, synthesize, and analyze information. Elicit the needs of stakeholders. Investigate and clarify stakeholder goals. Determine the issues and their causes. Optimize Business Processes Focus on improving a business's efficiency by optimizing its core processes by conducting fit-gap analysis. Define, Measure, and Analyze Eliminate inefficiencies Reduce costs Automate Build Sustainable Business Strategy Integration of economic, environmental, and social impact into the company's goals, activities, and planning with the aim of creating long-term value for stakeholders and wider society. Enable purpose-driven systematic change Incorporate SDG goals into the company's initiatives. Marja and Scharlaken Koord team - NL Dear Prachi, On behalf of the entire team at SK we want to thank you for all the time, energy and thoughts you have put in to help us with our volunteer platform! You truely are helping our organization grow and we can't thank you enough. How Do I Work 1 45 min free consultation session 2 Proposal presentation 3 Collaboration and creation of strategic plan 4 Assistance in strategic plan execution I'd Love to Hear From You. Here's How You Can Reach Me Get In Touch

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