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Hi, I’m Prachi Patil.

I Help Businesses to Accelerate Performance and Build Sustainable Business Strategies.

I assist clients in strategic decision-making for profit-driven business growth by conducting thorough research & fit-gap analysis of existing processes & systems, recommending cost-efficient solutions streamlining the processes & improve efficiency.

Are you facing challenges in following areas? Then I can assist you.

Business Analysis

The practice of enabling change in an organization and recommending solutions to deliver value to the stakeholders.

  • Discover, synthesize, and analyze information.

  • Elicit the needs of stakeholders.

  • Investigate and clarify stakeholder goals.

  • Determine the issues and their causes.

Optimize Business Processes

Focus on improving a business's efficiency by optimizing its core processes by conducting fit-gap analysis.

  • Define, Measure, and Analyze

  • Eliminate inefficiencies

  • Reduce costs 

  • Automate 

Build Sustainable Business Strategy

Integration of economic, environmental, and social impact into the company's goals, activities, and planning with the aim of creating long-term value for stakeholders and wider society.  

  • Enable purpose-driven systematic change

  • Incorporate SDG goals into the company's initiatives.

Marja and Scharlaken Koord team - NL

Dear Prachi,
On behalf of the entire team at SK we want to thank you for all the time, energy and thoughts you have put in to help us with our volunteer platform! You truely are helping our organization grow and we can't thank you enough.
How Strategic Success works

How Do I Work


45 min free consultation session




Collaboration and creation of strategic plan 


Assistance in strategic plan execution

I'd Love to Hear From You. 
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